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Moshe was raised on Jewish music; from the Yiddish classics of his great-uncle Yom Tov Ehrlich, to the original English classics composed by his mother Mrs. Dina Storch. Tefillot and Zemirot were always sung in harmony. Continuing in his family’s tradition, Moshe connects our uniquely Jewish emotions to our musical expressions so that we experience music in its holiest form.

Moshe began his musical career in Gan Sacher in Jerusalem where he spent uplifting nights singing joyously with groups of young people connecting to Hashem. He then brought his “Wednesday Night Chill” Kumzitz events to Prospect Park in New York and became a well-known figure in the Jewish music scene.


He lived in Monsey NY from 2010 until 2014 and was musically involved throughout the Tri-State area.  After relocating to Los Angeles, Moshe became the Baal Tefila at Maayon Yisrael LA and the Westside Shul as well as being the musical director of the "Accidental Talmudist Show", a Facebook page with over a million followers.

Moshe continues to perform throughout California,    the    NY / NJ     Tri-state     areas, 

including the Catskills, small and large communities through the U.S. and Israel for private events of all kinds.

For Moshe, the goal of every event is to connect to Hashem through song. Music is a prayer of praise, joy, and gratitude and we use it to glorify Hashem’s holy name. 

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